Music For All

We offer a wide range of classes and private lessons to meet your needs. Infants birth-5 years old can participate in our Mommy/Baby/Toddler classes, children ages 4-6 can learn piano in a wonderful group setting using our own First Steps in Piano program, and students ages 5-99 can participate in our private or pairs lessons! We offer lessons in piano, voice, guitar, violin, cello, flute, and harp.

Highly Qualified Teachers

All of the teachers at Velocity Music Academy hold university degrees in music with additional professional training in their teaching area. Many of our teachers hold masters and doctorate degrees in music.  Above all, we all have a love of music that we wish to pass down to everyone who studies with us. We wish to teach students to become independent learners on their instruments, and to excel at the level that they so desire.

Professional Equipment

In our studio, we have 2 grand pianos, 2 upright pianos, and 4 highly responsive concert Kawai digital pianos.  At Velocity Music Academy, we specialize in technology in music instruction.  Students are allowed to create technologically advanced recordings of their performances in MP3 format as well as advance in their theory skills through computer and ipad music applications. Our advanced pianists learn and perform on one of our two grand pianos.

Enrichment Opportunities

Not just private lessons!  We also offer enrichment classes and recitals in the fall, festivals and masterclasses, and a pops recital (with a live drum and bass section!) along with our traditional recitals in the spring. Velocity Music Academy is also proud to be a founding school for The Music Development Program.  All of our students have the opportunity to participate in any of these activities.


What others say about us

I wanted to ping you to let you know how pleased I am with G.’s progress under Tom’s teaching.

Tom’s very skilled and engaging and G. is blossoming as a student – he lovs guitar and counts the days between his lessons.

Thank you!


So, my experience is be sure to have a teacher that your kids have “fun” with.  If you start out hard core with someone who “raps on their knuckles” (euphemism)  they can lose interest quickly.  Make sure the teacher plays games with them and uses “apps” to engage their interest where they can write their own songs, etc….  Most importantly – have a teacher that lets them play familiar songs and can write simple music to popular songs they know.  This will ensure they are engaged with the process and hopefully maintain their interest.  It’s not until they realize they can play “actual” music that they really begin to enjoy it so “fun and engaging” from the get go is key.   Beethoven can come once they’ve mastered the basics and have a love for making music happen.  We love Kathy Rabago at Velocity Music.

M. A.
M. A.parent

Ulrich is a fabulously patient teacher!  We enjoy the time he invests in teaching our daughter and we are enrolling our other kids in classes because of the great, positive experience Cayli has had at Velocity.

J. Cecil
J. CecilParent

We love velocity.  The facility is always very welcoming and chearful.  My 3 y.o. Enjoys the music together sessions.  I feel like it’s encouraging him to develop a love of music and even helping with his rhythm in gross motor skills.  Shane is teaching my 6 y.o. Beginning piano. He’s very patient and adaptive to meet her needs depending on the day.  I really appreciate how kind and courteous he is and how he makes things easy for her to understand and practice.  We are definitely happy we chose velocity!

Marti Smith
Marti SmithParent

Shane has been a wonderful piano teacher for our 6-year old son.  He is extremely patient and has a great rapport with children.  He has a great judgment and ability to provide right balance of instructions and challenges, and keep his classes enjoyable.  It has been our pleasure participating in his classes, and we highly recommend him.

S. S.
S. S. Parent

For the last 3 1/2 years Kathy Rabago has been my daughters piano teacher.  She has excelled in her piano skills and abilities due to this teacher’s patience and knowledge.  Thank you Kathy for all you’ve done!

J. P.
J. P. Parent

Thank you, Velocity School of Music. Your wonderful guitar teacher, Ulrich Ellison, has inspired and nurtured our 7 year old in his love for the guitar and he loves going to each lesson. Your school is friendly, welcoming and top-notch!

R. Family
R. FamilyFamily

My son is working with Abby to learn to play the cello, and we are both so happy to be working with such a talented and kind person!

L. C.
L. C. Parent

The kids are having a blast doing music this summer with Jonathan, Sarah, and Josh. The boys tell me they wish their lessons were longer! Great teachers – just what they needed this summer- they are playing some really fun pieces. They each love their teachers.


Velocity has changed Dalton’s life and he has gained so much confidence and loves the piano.

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