We believe that all students, of all stages, are able to enrich their lives through the study of music in a positive learning environment.

All enrolled students and families of Velocity Music Academy agree to abide by the following policies:


During the school year (September-May), tuition remains the same each month.  Tuition does not change regardless of the actual number of lessons per month.  Refunds will not be given to students who withdraw before the month ends.  During the summer (June-August) lessons can be purchased on a monthly basis or a summer package.

Tuition will be paid by automatic credit card payment and will be debited on the 1st of each month for the upcoming month.  Any tuition that is not received by the 10th of each month will incur a $25 late fee.

Annual fees

Private students only: A non-refundable $60 recital fee is due at the time of enrollment and every subsequent August during our registration period.  The annual recital fee covers participation in recitals for 1 year.  An additional registration fee of $35 is charged to all families new to Velocity.  Students who do not take summer lessons and re-enroll for fall pay the $35 registration fee again.  Neither the recital fee nor the registration fee is refundable should you decide to withdraw from lessons.


There will be no credits or refunds for missed lessons, and there are no private makeup lessons*.  If you do miss a lesson, you may sign-up for our 60-minute group enchrichment classes, which are held several times per month.  Lessons cancelled by the teacher will always be promptly made up or taught by a substitute.

*Exception:  during the summer (June-August) we do allow for private makeup lessons to work around family vacations and travel. Private lesson makeups during the summer are for private lessons only.  Group classes or pairs lessons will not have private makeup lessons.