• Number of summer lessons

    To keep skill levels up, current students are encouraged to register for 8-12 Summer lessons.  New students welcome!

  • Current Students

    If you are a current student and want to keep going with 12 lessons over the summer, just let us know with a quick e-mail.  You will automatically stay enrolled in your same time slot/day.  You can absolutely move around a lesson or 2 due to summer vacations–we are flexible over the summer!

  • Registration Fee

    All new students will be charged a $35 registration fee.

  • Tuition

    If you are taking private lessons every week during the summer, tuition is due at the first lesson of each month for the entire month.  There will be no refunds or credits for missed or cancelled summer lessons.  However, we will makeup summer lessons on weeks that you are out of town provided that we are given advanced notice.  If you wish to only take 8 summer lessons, tuition is due upfront at the time of enrollment.

  • Summer Makeup Lessons

    We are flexible with make-up lessons over the summer.  Provided that at least a 24 hours notice is given, you may make up summer lessons in the following ways:  a) private make-up with your teacher (as teacher schedule permits) or b) attendance at group make-up classes

  • Calendar

    Our summer lessons run from May 28th- August 19th (12 total weeks).  If needed, the week of May 21-27, and the week of August 20-26 may be used (based on teacher availability) to schedule summer lessons if you need to do that to work around a vacation or family time.

  • Fall Lessons

    Fall Lessons begin the week of August 28th, 2017.

Register for Summer Lessons

Option 1: I’m a current student and I want to take summer lessons with my same teacher. Super! Just send us a quick email letting us know.

Option 2: I’m a new student and I want to sign up for weekly summer lessons

Happy to have you! Please choose your preferred lesson day, time, and teacher. Just pick your start day and your lessons will continue weekly the same time/same day after that. Your first month’s tuition will be prorated if you do not start at the beginning of the month.

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