Did you know that Velocity Music Academy is named for Czerny’s “School of Velocity?”  These were musical exercises written in the 1830’s to develop dexterity at the piano!

Looking for a quality music education?  Look no further!  Velocity Music Academy employees only degreed musicians, many with masters and doctorate degrees in music.  We wish to pass on to you the traditions of music that has been handed down from teacher to student for generations.  We offer private lessons in piano, strings, woodwinds, guitar, and voice.  Looking to get your child a head start on music instruction?  We offer group early childhood classes from ages 6 weeks to PreK.  Are you an adult wishing to get back into music (or perhaps explore music for the first time?)  We also offer classes, both group and private, for adults.  Come and see what the excitement is about!  We’d love to have you part of our musical family…….