We’ve been open a month now, and music lessons have been keeping me so busy that I haven’t gotten to find a time to take pictures of the school!  This Friday my piano technician came to the school to do some work on our grand piano, so I took that time to take pictures of the space.

The space is a completely different place come 3:00, when the students, parents, teachers, and siblings arrive.  But here ya go–the quite of 8 am Friday morning:

A view of the waiting room, with a patient little one:

A view of the wonderful light we have coming in from the front:

Our files of music for students and teachers, and our workspace:

The ‘green room’ upfront, with natural light.  Concrete floors throughout for ease of cleaning with the kiddos and for great sound when we do chamber music and recitals.

This room is used for guitar lessons, cello lessons, and violin lessons.  Acoustic piano coming soon to this room….

A view of our “pairs piano” room.  We have a lot of beginners taking lessons two at a time.  Twice the giggles, twice the fun, learning from peers,  and more economical for the parents.  It’s a win-win situation.

Our forth teaching room upfront.  The mac is used for theory games and finale.  We’ve since moved it to a workstation in the waiting room so students can play theory games on the computer while they are waiting for their lessons.

Our Music Together room, used for parent/child classes.  We will be starting 4-6 year old group piano in this room in January, and a spanish music class!

Another view of the music together room, with the city mandated water fountains (which are extremely handy with all of the thirsty kids coming from school!)

View of the Music Together room opened up to our grand piano:  for studio classes, master classes, theory classes, mini-recitals, chamber music……

Our lovely Kawai Grand.

Welcome!  If you’ve stumbled across this website, you’ll get a little view of Cedar Park’s newest music school, Velocity Music Academy!  Over the next few blow posts, I’ll be giving you the background to the how, when, where, and why of our story! (I’m excited, so please excuse the many exclamation marks in this post….)

I’m Kathy, Velocity’s director.  I’ve been in Cedar Park about 7 years now, and in the Austin area a total of 10 years.  I moved here in 2000, to attend UT-Austin as part of the DMA program in piano pedagogy.  After graduating (hook-em!), my husband and I got married and bought a house in Cedar Park.  I started a piano studio out of my house and worked as an adjunct professor at two universities (in San Antonio and South Austin).  My private studio has always been such a joy to me–watching the children that I teach grow both as individuals and musicians.  With the birth of my two children, now 2 and 5, I realized that Cedar Park needed a music school that would offer a wide variety of music instruction–from piano to strings to guitar.

This dream has been over 2 years in the making.  We are now in the construction stages of Velocity Music Academy, and are projected to open for lessons September 1st, 2010.  We couldn’t be more excited!  Join us in the journey…..