I love this student.  She started taking with me when she was just itty bitty, zooming though the method books.  She quickly became the student that all teachers love–one that arrives to lesson with an awesome smile and attitude, with a binder full of music, more than we could ever cover in one lesson.  I loved the angle that she took in lessons–learning how to play chord charts, and singing and performing.  Playing the pops pieces were a great chance for us to work on rhythm and sight-reading and integrate theory concepts such as chord structure and harmonic rhythm.  She even started composing….(love that!)  And to top it off, she’s got an amazing little sister who is following in her footsteps.

Last May we did a pops recital as one of our recitals.  The kids that participated in the recital all played with a drummer and a bass guitarist.  ALL of the performances were incredible.  Little Meagan rocked it out with singing and playing the piano (at the same time folks–that’s hard to do!).  Her mom just sent me a youtube clip of her taking her dream a little bit farther this summer with another performance opportunity.  Someone get this girl an agent!

Check out her youtube video…..


I know it’s July, but things have finally settled down and I can do a recap of our Spring 2011 recital in May.  A big thank you to all of the hard work from the students, teachers who taught them, and parents who supported their work!  Velocity hosted 3 recitals on a Sunday afternoon in May, and we had over 75 students performing at the 3 recitals!  Everyone did a wonderful job.  We had pianists playing (some seasoned performers, some making their first debut), guitar students performing, vocal students performing, a Saxophone duet, and the group performance from the children (and adults!) taking Suzuki string lessons.  We all enjoyed sweets graciously brought by all of the generous parents after the events.

It was an excellent first big Spring Recital for Velocity.  What do we have in store for recitals for the upcoming 2011-2012 school year?  Here are just some ideas that the we are working on at Velocity this Summer:

  • Hiring a professional photographer to capture the performers “in action”
  • Developing a “Pops/Jam” recital for the Fall, showcasing the students performances of popular hits, broadway tunes, contemporary church pieces, etc., with the accompaniment of a rhythm section (guitar and drums)
  • More frequent, shorter recitals, with large breaks in-between giving us all a chance to visit between recitals!
  • Recitals in homes and local venues (nursing homes, churches, etc.) giving our students a chance to reach out to the community.
  • A graded performance evaluation and awards in mid-Spring.
  • Optional participating in local festivals and competitions.
  • A final Spring Recital in May, letting everyone showcase what they have learned all year!

A big thank you to the parents who sent 2 pictures for us to use on our Website!  If anyone has any other pictures of the recital that they would like to share, please send them to us!