Now accepting new students in our group classes for all ages!

We take care in forming our group classes to make sure the students are all in groups that can work well together.  If you are interested in one of our group classes, please fill out the contact form below to make sure that you or your child gets placed in the class that best meets your needs!

*At any time during your child’s musical journey, you make make the transition to private lessons with optional music theory lab time.  Our private lessons AND our group classes are both great options for musical study.

  • Birth - age 3

    Mini Musicians

  • Ages 3-4

    Musical Tots

    Ages 3-4

  • Ages 4-6

    First Steps in Piano

  • Ages 6 & up

    Piano for Kids

    Piano Intro I, Piano Intro II, Piano Hands Together I, Piano Hands Together II

    Ages 6 & up

  • Ages 11 & up

    Tween/Teen Group Piano

    A fun, engaging group piano class for the teen/tween kids!

  • Ages 7 & up

    Guitar, Violin, & Voice Classes

    Guitar Class, Ukulele Class, Violin Class, & Voice Classes.  Pick your favorite class!

    Ages 7 & up

  • Ages 10 & up with 3+ years of lessons

    Chamber Groups

    Classical Chamber Group, Pop Chamber Group (Piano Guys, Greatest Showman, etc.)

  • Adults

    Group Piano

    No practicing required!  Enjoy meeting with your peers and learning piano in a relaxing, no pressure environment.


Mini Musicians

Birth-age 3.  Spend time every week introducing your children to music through song, rhythm activities, and more.  This will become a musical language for your child as they grow and develop.  Join us in the most important developmental years of your child’s life!  Classes meet once a week for 50 minutes. $110/month.

Musical Tots

Our music class just for ages 3-4!  This is a music readiness class, where the children learn through play, exploring rhythms, pre-note reading, and music basics.  The current research shows that early exposure to both music and languages does wonders for children’s cognitive thinking.  We want to be there every step of the way to introduce your children to music, and set a pathway for them to transition to private lessons when they reach an appropriate age.   Classes meet once a week for 50 minutes. $110/month.

First Steps in Piano

Want your little one to get a head start on piano instruction?  Our First Steps in Piano group classes are designed for ages 4-6. Class meets once a week for 50 minutes per class.  $110/month.

Group Piano for kids, & Tweens/Teens

We have four different group piano classes for children ages 6 and up:  Intro I, Intro II, Hands Together I, and Hands Together II.  The classes are all 55 minutes long and meet weekly. Tuition is $110/month.   The children stay in their classes for as long as needed, until they are comfortable with the skills taught in each class.  Once they learn the necessary skills, they can move to a higher class. Our Tween/Teen class is just for the older kids, with fun music and backing tracks!

Group Guitar

Learn guitar in a group setting with friends!  Beginning and Intermediate classes available.  Our class will meet once a week for 55 minutes per class.   Students must have a guitar to participate in the class.  $110/month.  

Beginning Violin Class

The perfect group class for beginners wanting to learn how to play the violin!  This class will walk the students through the beginning stages of how to play the violin.  Ages 7 and up.  Violins are not provide, please let us know if you need recommendations on where to rent or buy a violin.  Classes meet once a week for 55 minutes. $110/month.   

Ukulele Class

Ah, the Ukulele….such a fun instrument that has been popular lately by such shows as “The Voice” and “America’s Got Talent.”  There’s a reason for this popularity – playing the ukulele is educational AND fun!  Join us in a fun 55-minute group ukulele class. No experience necessary. Ages 7 and up. Class meets weekly for 55 minutes, $110/month.  Ukulele not included in the class tuition.

Chamber Music, Classical or Pop

Have you studied at least 3 years on your instrument?  Want to learn music with friends?  Then this class is for you!  The class is open to Piano, Violin, Cello, Guitar, and Voice students.  Students must have taken a minimum of 3 years of lessons on their instrument to apply.  We have two different classes – one for students wanting to study the classics, and the other for students wanting to study Pop Music (The Piano Guys, Greatest Showman, etc.). Ages 10 and up.  Classes meet once a week for 55 minutes. $110/month.   

Voice Class

Singers, it’s your time to shine!  Learn the fundamentals of singing and explore different musical styles and songs in this class. Ages 7 and up.  Classes meet once a week for 55 minutes. $110/month.