Parents, we know that sometimes it’s difficult to know what products to purchase to support your child’s musical journey!  Here are some products that we recommend:

  • An adjustable bench is essential for having your child sit at the correct height when playing the piano.  Thankfully, many affordable options have come on the market.  Here’s one that we use:

  • Digital Piano.  We love acoustic pianos, but realize that this is not an affordable option for many families.  The technology in digital pianos have come a long way, and they are a great option for beginning students and for families who need to have the option of practicing with headphones.  Roland pianos have been a staple in music education for many years.  Here are a few we recommend:

Another great brand of digital pianos is Yamaha.  They of course produce a wonderful line of acoustic pianos as well.  Here are some of the Yamaha digital pianos that we recommend:

Finally, Casio makes some digital pianos that are a little bit more inexpensive, yet work for beginning piano students.  Here are a few that we recommend:

  • Piano Music Books vary from student to student.  However, there are some well loved piano method books that our piano teachers use over and over for beginning and level 1 students simply because they are great books!  Here are a few suggestions for beginners:

Let us know if you need any more suggestions on items for your beginning music student!