We all know about the benefits of piano lessons.  However, as parents, sometimes we too often forget about the hard work that must go into the lessons.  This blog article by a fellow piano teacher explains the work and joys beautifully:

The truth about piano lessons.

As both a parent and a teacher myself, I too often forget.  There is a lot of work, a lot of daily diligence in practicing and concentration.  But the joy in accomplishment that comes at the end of hard work is an experience that you won’t want your child to miss.  My advice?  Set daily goals, set weekly goals, set monthly goals, set yearly goals.  Encourage the hard work and praise the results.

Here’s to a school year of diligent work and rewarding beautiful music!




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  1. Martina
    Martina says:

    Thanks for the link to this excellent and honest post! Everything she says doesn’t apply to piano lessons only, but to every instrument. As a teacher, I experienced myself that children today have a hard time concentrating. I think this is a very important thing we should stress to parents who consider instrumental lessons – it’s not always fun, but we can help our children to learn so much more than musicmaking. Working on concentration and enjoying the benefits of it in other areas is just one of the things.
    A wonderful start of the new school year to all! Martina

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