• Number of summer lessons

    To keep skill levels up, current students are encouraged to register for 8-12 Summer lessons.  New students welcome!

  • Registration Fee

    All new students will be charged a $35 registration fee.

  • Tuition

    Tuition is due the first of each month.  During the summer, you are only invoiced for the lessons that you register for each month.  There will be no refunds or credits for missed or cancelled summer lessons.  However, we will reschedule summer lessons on weeks that you are out of town provided that we are given advanced notice.

  • Summer Makeup Lessons

    We are flexible with make-up lessons over the summer.  Provided that at least a 24 hours notice is given, you may reschedule summer lessons.

  • Reserve your fall slot!

    When you sign up for summer lessons, you can also reserve your fall time slot with your favorite teacher!  Fall lessons start Aug. 19th.

Register for Summer Lessons

1. Pick your FIRST summer lesson day, time, & teacher. The calendar will show your teacher’s open time, so choose any time that works with your schedule!

2. Choose how many summer lessons you want

3. We will set up the remaining summer lessons for you

4. If you need to move a lesson around due to family travel, contact Velocity or your teacher directly to do that!

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